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Breath of Life Youth

Bournemouth, Poole  & Christchurch is home to five key areas of education in England which are:

  • English Language Schools, 

  • Selected private and state schools for those under 18 years of age

  • Colleges of Further Education

  • Colleges of Higher Education

  • Universities 

This makes the region a centre of attraction for young people to learn and create a future career.  

In addition to this population, there are other youths who unemployed, confused, facing family problems, conflicts in relationships, problems with addicition and substance abuse, victim of discrimination etc.


The vision of BOLY is to raise a people of postive influence.

If any young person needs someone to believe in them, coaching/guidance in the right direction and an environment where they can be postively influenced, then BOLY is the right place. 

It is a place where quality relationships are forged and visionary leaders are raised.

BOLY exists to challenge and inspire young people towards envisioning and creating an enviable future.

Our character and culture have been  moulded by our values. These values have informed certain resolutions and slogans like: "Others may but I cannot because of who and whose I am.", " I can have contacts without contamination".


Our Values

Vision driven by Purpose: Purpose determines value, it gives clarity and direction. A person driven by purpose is not easily tossed around or distracted because purpose gives them weight. 

Accountability: Everybody needs somebody. BOLY offers a safe environment for the creation of quality and accountable relationships including access to mentors and established professionals.


Integrity:  Integrity is the strength of character. We encourage honesty and ensure we act responsibly and ethically. These virtues are taught, encouraged and practised by all BOLY members and young people within our network.

Reputation: A good reputation is a requirement for positive influence. Value is a function of perception, and perception is highly influenced by reputation. We strive to maintain a good reputation in all departments of life.

Growth: BOLY creates an environment that facilitates growth in talents, and life skills.



Vision driven by Purpose





Social Impact

In Bournemouth University, considering the environment's racial demographic, the impact of BOLY is felt in SUBU, with approximately 3 out of 4 members of the Elected team being from BOLY for 3 successive tenures. This shows that BOLY is building a generation of young  adults that do not shy away from responsibility but embrace it.

Through the social interaction in BOLY, I have acquired transferable skills used in my personal life. For example, I was always uncomfortable with anything that had to do with public speaking but under the guidance of one of our mentors - Efe Ohwofasa, I gained the confidence and public speaking skills needed and same were transferred to my role as a PAL leader at Uni. BOLY provide youth with essential and transferable skills needed to become a functioning member of society.

A. Adeniran

BOLY has provided a good environment for the youth to get established and grow including myself. This is is illustrated in the things that youth are currently doing and able to visualise themselves taking on in the future.

The training and coaching sessions have helped changed mindsets, focusses on the importance of relationships and through this I believe some youth are learning to how not to take quality relationships for granted.

My approach to dealing with challenges, and different obstacles has been positively impacted.

The network that the youth have created with Bournemouth University has opened more doors for different youth that can see themselves in leadership role in Higher Education.


N. Lebe 

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