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Breath of Life Training Centre

The aim of our Training Centre is to provide non-profit making capacity development training to the unemployed (which includes the homeless, older adults, those on benefits who desire to return to work or change careers) and under-employed members of our community who require specialized training to get back into employment or start their own business. We provide training opportunities for people of employable age, and workshops will cover subjects such as IT skills, leadership, business start-up, digital marketing etc.


We also have training programmes designed for business professionals/entrepreneurs to enhance their leadership performance, increase their profits and improve their productivity.

Benefits of our Training Centre:

  • Help people off the streets

  • Minimize the use of temporary accomodation provided by the council and other community groups

  • Reduce the number of people who are on benefits or welfare support

  • Create more jobs, entrepreneurial skills and opportunities for volunteering

  • Contribute towards community youth development via youth mentoring initiative

  • Accelerated community development and reducing unemployment

  • Wealth generation through skills and capacity development

Audience and Lecturer
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