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Breath of Life Enterprise

Breath of Life Enterprise is a hub of professionals and business owners who are looking to collaborate, share knowledge, and recieve friendly support. Our aim is to help you to develop that business idea, get your new business off to the right start, grow your business and obtain the right support to navigate through difficult challenges. Whether you are completely new to business or you are an expert in your field, you are welcome to become part of our enterprise hub.

Our Purpose

The main thrust of Breath of Life Enterprise (BOLE) is to stimualte human performance, growth, improve productivity, and induce value-added production in trade and commerce in our community. 

BOLE is a collaborative platform within BOLFM where skilled professionals who are active in their different areas of enterprise can engage and synergise to satisfy business requirements, supply of products and services and provision of consultancy services to both public and private sectors.

BOLE provides need-based human capital development workshops to its members. As no two businesses are the same, however, we can learn from each other and access to expert advise (from successful local businesses) to help navigate through difficult times.

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